Friday, December 7, 2007

electrelane - In beruit and sea of the edge

After 10 years ??!! they decided to call it quits. Oh well I am way to late coming to this party.
I found myself listening to No Shouts No Calls here and there, it would consistently remind me of Stereolab. It's a little moody and the vocals are buried in this nice wash of guitars. It's still crazy to me, the breakup, their latest seemed to be taking off, it was well received, reaching a wider audience.
I wonder what was going on there, 10 years is probably long enough to say we gave it a go all together and I have to go off on my own.
It's just really surprising you worked this long, at least take the last 6 months to enjoy it.

Oh well it's good stuff and lead Verity Susman did just put out the first single in the too pure singles club, so it's not over.
That's even more of a reason to track down these singles, it's the last material from electelane I think you'll hear for a while.

This is available domestically from insound.

Two moody yet haunting tracks that tread the misty forest that is Electrelane. B-Side is "Sea Of The Edge."

Another big contest announced Monday, so there is still time to win a seven inch, get your email fingers ready.

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