Thursday, December 6, 2007

justice yeldham - live in Seoul

I am so fascinated by this guy, the sound is something you can honestly say you won't come across even in your life, in nature or in recorded material. That in and of itself is a feat, I keep coming across more and more about him that I can't wrap my head around. I have a couple of contact mics and I want to try this idea, without the blood hopefully.
I mean wear gloves or something, glass is fucking sharp! I guess it adds to the whole show aspect and hardcore-ness.
The picture above is actually from the live in beirut 7", I couldn't find the artwork for this one. There are a ton of his live 7"'s out, it seems if you just contact him at this page, where there are at least 3 more, you can release any live recording of a show, or if you can't make it, he'll just send you something for a b-side, all he asks in return is 40% of the records pressed. That's great, I'd love to press one of these. I have to think of something for an A side.

Title: Live in Seoul
Format: 7"
Label: 8mm
Country: Italy
Price: $12.00
"Two live tracks that document Lucas bleeding and screaming in South Korea. Raw, slabbed noise at his best. 45 RPM vinyl, cover designed by a girl who was at the show and silkscreened with paint and blood by ilcanedicoda. And justice for all! 222 copies." -8mm.

From fusetron.

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