Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mars volta picture disc

I have problems getting into Mars Volta. I can appreciate it, technically it's amazing. But it's no at the drive in. Those albums were so incredible and alien to everything else that was going on. I think this leans to proggy at times? Or it's even more alien than ATDI? I think a lot of the stuff didn't rock sufficiently enough for me on De-loused in the Comatorium, it would get too slow and melodic, I wanted more compacted explosions.
I just read the craziest mythology surrounding the making of this album and a ouija board found in jerusulum, flooding studios, crippled feet, late night sessions making their way into lyrics.
I want to go give de-loused another chance, I know there's a huge ammount happening, maybe that's what's keeping me away, it's too much to take it, I barely can scratch the surface with this band. I'd have to devote a ot of time to sort it all out.
But this picture disc looks amazing...and again I have to ask, why don't we get this in the US? Damn.


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