Monday, December 17, 2007

Radiohead - Jigsaw 7"

I'm really surprised that this 7" from Radiohead is even coming out...although they did press the album on vinyl. Still I had to see if this was true.
What they should do is start selling this through their site also, I'm sure they don't want to be in the shipping and packing business, but I like voting with my money knowing it will go directly to the artist, it's not just that you want to hear the new album. Knowing it will go at least mostly to the people that made it I will willingly buy in. It's partially still the novelty at this point, but especially at tiny shows I have to get the CDR from the band.
I think also a seven inch, or limited one sided 12" ....anything might really help touring, smaller bands survive and keep doing what they are doing. They aren't just vanity, collectible insanity items. I'm sure it's not much, but at that level you aren't in it for the money anyway...

This live b-side is everywhere on youtube, so if you really love radiohead, you've seen it.

It's available import only as far as I can tell, on XL records.

* 1. Jigsaw Falling Into Place * 2. Videotape [Live From The Basement]
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...and congratulations to Ryan, who won the fuck buttons 7"....that's it for the contests for now, thanks for reading and thanks to ATP records for the 7"'s.

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