Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thrill Jockey Box Set!

Ahhhhhhhh! (That't a yell of joy) Holy Shit! The thrill jockey box set is out! I didn't get an email or anything. What's the point of signing up for a mailing list if you don't give anyone notice about this!
That's why I blog, I selfishly need something to write about and check back and there it is. No big announcement, just barely a mention in the news section on the homepage. This set really highlights the amazing set of musicians to have been on the thrill jockey label. Everyone covers everyone else on 56 inches of vinyl. That's 9, 7 inches.
I think thrill jockey was one of those labels where I realized very early in college that I could appreciate pretty much anything they put out. I saw that all my albums were either drag city or thrill jockey or subpop. Labels could be enough to warrant a purchase of that unknown album which couldn't be converted to MP3....ahhhh the old days.

Here's some of the highlights:

Tortoise chose to cover “Falls Lake” by Nobukazu Takemura, a Japanese musician whose ground breaking albums are delicate combinations of live instrumentation (largely played by Takemura himself), analog synths and computer manipulated or simulated voice recordings (on one record he used a computer program designed for those who are speech impaired).

This is amazing, first a new tortoise track? And of Takemura? I didn't know he was on thrill jockey? Maybe someone can tell me if this was available somewhere else?

Arbouretum recorded “Bus Stop,” a dark beauty by Thalia Zedek, a Boston musician also known for her work in the bands Come and UZI. Thalia will be recording her second Thrill Jockey record this fall for release in early 2008, and also makes a contribution to the box set. Special guest on Arbouretum’s recording is Victoria from Beach House, with whom Arbouretum are touring Europe this fall.

The Sea and Cake recorded “Spider’s House” by Califone from their most recent album, Roots and Crowns. The vocal styles of The Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop bring an entirely new feeling to the song. Califone and The Sea and Cake are touring this fall and will both be performing at Thrill Jockey’s Anniversary shows in London and Chicago.

Pit er Pat selected a gem by The Lonesome Organist, “Flew Out my Window,” from his album “Cavalcade,” re-interpreting it with a killer calypso feel. Pit er Pat’s Butchy Fuego recently performed as drummer number 7 in Boredoms’ 77 Boadrum performance in New York. Pit er Pat are touring in North America this fall with The Fiery Furnaces.

Directions in Music covered “Toy Boat” by Jeff Parker, reminding us very much of the first Tortoise singles when Bundy Brown was in the band. Also, Pullman covered “3 am” by the Chicago Underground Quartet.

David Byrne covered “Ex Guru” by The Fiery Furnaces.

Archer Prewitt covered “Mrs. Turner” by The National Trust.

Bobby Conn, Califone and Thalia Zedek covered Freakwater songs - “Washed in the Blood,” “Jewel” and “ Flat Hand,” respectively.

Freakwater covered “Passengers” by The Zincs.

The Zincs covered “Blue Marble Girl” by Giant Sand.

Howe Gelb covered “Boxers” by John Parish.

John Parish covered “Vampiring Again” by Califone.

Sue Garner & Rick Brown covered “ UMO” by OOIOO.

Adult. covered “Underwater Wave Game” by Pit er Pat.

Angela Desveaux covered “Two Moons” by Arbouretum.

Eleventh Dream Day covered “I Like the Name Alice” by Sue Garner.

I forget how much it was, I think $35. It's really reasonable, I can't wait to hear this. I promise bank account, it's my only gift to myself. Unless I see another amazing 7" box set, but I doubt it. This is making my best of, year end list for sure.


  1. cranley1:08 PM

    this is worth every penny. i was quick to jump on this the day it was released and have been waiting ever since for its release.

  2. I just got an email saying it shipped yesterday! Can't wait.

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    the box contains ten seven inch singles, not nine. i just got my hand s on one of the 2000 strictly limited copies. artwork was made by bettina richards herself. woderful.

  4. Yea, I don't know where I got 9 from, surprisingly I've seen it carried in a bunch of record stores, but this is the coolest thing. I'm trying to leave it under the tree until xmas, but the more I hear about it, the harder it gets.