Wednesday, December 5, 2007

people in a position to know • trust series 8" ??!!!

Ok here's a little good news and some bad news. The good news, first, is that People in a position to know recordings has finally released their 8" lathe cut single series. If I know lathe cuts, these will be lovingly hand cut by Mr. Peter King in New Zealand. This piece of vinyl will literally have been around the world before it makes it into your greedy little hands. It will be so worth it. Not only does that sound great, but imagine this happening over and over! Seven times! Seven 8"'s.
But this is 7inches.blogspot? I know they are slightly bigger, but I'm making an exception. I think I found this site because of their previous series of insane shaped lathe cuts, triangles, squares, all kinds of stuff. They won me over immediately, like not not fun, amazing pieces of art, that can also be played on a turntable. That's the best.
The bad news is's $80. But what did you expect? This is amazing shit! No artists have been revealed yet, but I think I can trust this place. I really have to ask Santa for this one...or Mr. Credit Card.

New Lathe Cut Trust EP Series:
Seven 8" EPs (4-10 songs on each) from some of my favorite "unknown" artists. They are in hand-screened jackets with designs hand-drawn by the artists. The catch is that the artists will be anonymous until the records arrive. They are some of my favorite, hard-working artists. Some will be splits, some will be full EPs from single bands.
Available on the discography page of

Oh and by the way Nicholas R, from Fulton, NY won the Drones 7", congrads to him. I have yet another contest which will be announced shortly. Keep entering, everyone has been awesome, and I'm glad to see how many of you are out there. Thanks again,


  1. This looks amazing... here's hoping there is cash come x-mas morning.

  2. cranley1:06 PM

    i like the idea of this, but it's awfully presumptuous of the label to think that no matter what bands are featured in the series, people will enjoy it. for me, i have to know what i'm getting, especially if i'm going to drop some serious cash on it.

  3. It's true, but based on their previous series, I know there will be amazing surprises. I can't say I've ordered it yet though.