Thursday, January 17, 2008

butcher the bar - morr music

This is quiet quiet acoustic Elliott Smith layered vocals, that high falsetto, really up front loudest thing in the mix lyrics. Just an acoustic guitar and it ends with a banjo solo. Really nice stuff. I could see playing this for a while. I get the sense it's one of those one man bedroom fostex projects. The best. There's plenty of room left for that.
I can't find out anything about this guy (maybe that's because a few places list him as butcher the Bear, not to be confused with butcher bear, some electronics act out of austin) except what's in that parasol description. Ok... I just found his myspace I should know if I can't find it on myspace then I'm getting it wrong somehow.
That cracks me up in shows like Law and Order when they have a band name that some character is in, and it's like 'washingmachine leopards' because every fucking name has been taen by every group and side project, it the only thing that can be cleared and won't get them in trouble are names that no one would ever name their band. It always kills me.

I think it's at other music, so I'm going to try to pick it up there tonight. I'm shocked to see it in their weekly update, they have so few 7"'s, it's just a tiny section in the corner. We'll see, I always hate calling and having them hold stuff, I'm enough of a 7" nerd already, plus it's kind of a surprise...will they still have it?

It's also from Morr music. It's actually on their side project label ' a number of small things' but it's for sale on both.
Also domestically from Parasol mailorder.

Butcher The Bear
Get Away b/w Leave This Town
PS, UK Butcher The Bar is the 22 year-old Joel Nicholson, who currently resides in the north of England with his acoustic guitar and a couple of instruments such as a banjo, a melodica and an accordion. "Get Away" is a melancholy goodbye to a town, a disillusioned memory of a city that fades away while still living in it. "Leave Town" is as minimal and as maximal as a pop song could be: a guitar, a banjo and a warm voice.

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