Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time Magazine - WTF!

Time Magazine kind of mentioned 7" vinyl the other day in it's article about vinyl's resurgence but it's the price of the Beck single I have a problem with:

Dear Time Magazine and Kristina Dell,
I call Bullshit.
There is no way
a signed copy of Beck's Steve threw up went for $2400. In fact I can't think of a 45 single pressed in the last 20 years that could possibly go for this much. Not even an original demo cassette, dubbed by beck himself, written in ballpoint pen, from the collection of a personal friend has gone for more than $500. I like vinyl as much as the next guy, and I'm glad Time Magazine has finally legitimized my outsider obsession, but please get the facts straight. My dirty little secret is expensive enough as it is. If you could please cite a source, I promise I will take down this blog and stop infringing on your livelihood forever.

Your truly,

Jason Dean


  1. Total bullshit. Now we are going to have a bunch of new speculators jump on the vinyl collecting market looking to make a fast buck. That single is definitely not going for $2400 now, but it might now that this article is out there. Fuckers.

  2. Seriously...sell! sell! I'm jumping out a window.

  3. Next up for the chopping block: Pitchfork Media.