Friday, January 11, 2008

chairlift - evident utensil

This isn't the usual feedback synth nightmare, but more of a lullaby electronics outfit with Caroline on vocals, Patrick and Aaron on Guitar and drums, possibly not in that order.
They sold out Mercury Lounge recently and then I read this description from Parasol and had to check them out.
This is slightly in the Feist, maybe ...Bats for Lashes or Scout Niblett neighborhood vocally, but then there's something retro about them too, like slightly foreign movie. Maybe like Camera Obscura? I guess the only comparison I'm not getting is animal collective, there might be another degree of separation can't make the jump directly to Chairlift from AC.
If any of those bands are your bag baby, then check them out. I'm feeling more abrasive and confrontational these days but I ordered it anyway.
It's on Kanine records. and Parasol.

Chairlift's "Evident Utensil" white vinyl 7 inch is here! Digital download is up too! B side features remix by MGMT!

Evident Utensil
PS, US This single on white vinyl w/ full color jacket is the 1st official release for Chairlift! As if that wasn't exciting enough, the B side features a MGMT remix. Fans of MGMT, Of Montreal, Feist, Animal Collective, The Fiery Furnaces, synth pop, limited vinyl.

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