Thursday, January 10, 2008

MF DOOM - Instrumentals

This came up on turntable lab the other day and I'm glad more of these are available to buy. Stones Throw always gives 7"'s away free with full lengths and I'll never track them down. It's good to see they are still on the 7" bandwagon...maybe even stepping up their production. I was pretty amazed after watching Scratch a while back that (I forget who) had a 45 battle, it was almost an hour of two DJ's just mixing 7"'s back and forth. I think it was Q-bert and Shadow? I don't know, it's been a while. I found the MP3 somewhere.
This combination of hip hop and comic/sci-fi nerd shit is awesome, it was so obvious when I first heard it. Of course you would sample old superhero records and wear a metal mask. Like Dr. Octagon before him, I was so glad it existed and was in that place of not taking itself too seriously while being musically innovative. Just ridiculous and I am too ignorant of much of it.
All the aliases and side projects, I'm lost.
It's like reggae which I keep avoiding...I see the sections in record stores of plain white sleeve 45' the record fairs, I don't even try. That's going to be a good couple of years and I keep putting it off. Maybe I feel weird about it because it was never a part of my music experience...I've heard the usual stuff but when someone puts it together for you it's pretty amazing, that culture of 45's and pressing thier own random singles with no copyright restrictions, just the wild west of the seven inch.

But there's nothing like playing video games in a dimly lit room with a friend drinking shitty beer and listening to MF Doom.
You can feel like a bad ass for once.

On turntable lab.

Yes! Brand new instrumentals from MF Doom on Impose, limited to only 1000 pieces! It's rare to see any Doom on 45 in the first place, but to see unreleased Doom instrumentals makes this one a collectible for sure. The tight fills, breaks and sweet sax on the Project Jazz instrumental(1)is definitely worth the entire purchase for me. Don't know the original to this, but it sounds to me that if Timbo or Neptunes hit this up(they might have already?) they could turn it into the next big thang. The b-side, "Garbage Day(2)" is pretty meh, but at least it's 1 for 2.

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