Monday, January 14, 2008

crom tech - Christmas 7"

I don't know anything about this guy Mick Barr or Orthrelm, so I'm going to sound stupid, but this sounds like some hardcore Lightning Bolt type load records shit. That kind of sound that takes some getting used to. It's heavily effected, like some kind of weird electronic mess, like the devils keytar... It's like finding a melody with a chainsaw.
I don't know his other band, so maybe this is a side project? Maybe this is a side project from a while ago?

I just thought it's not too late to still get that last 7" for Christmas, I think I missed this one in my holiday 7" listings.
I'm guessing these tracks are unrecognizable high speed interpretations...that's always nice to throw on and annoy someone. It's only $4.

I guess it was recorded a while back but this kind of insanity is timeless. Pretty nice colored vinyl too.

Crom Tech
PS, US Originally released as a cassette 7 yrs ago as a special tape for friends. Brutal tech-metal Christmas adaptions by MICK BARR of ORTHRELM. LTD 750 copies on green & red vinyl!
It's available from Troubleman

Or from parasol.

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