Tuesday, January 15, 2008

El Jesus de Magico - Funeral Home Session 7"

This was on some end of the year best list and I made a note to check it out.
El Jesus de Magico is the kind of thing that could sound like a pure mess, but it sounds like a mess completely working. The elements are so different, there's this trebled out crunchy distortion, the bass is practically hidden away. A little electronic melody or theremin wavers in and out phased into oblivion at times. It's along the lines of Sic Alps and Wooden Shjips, pure psyched-out gaze.
It's the stuff to blow young minds, it's dirty, imperfect, layering feedbacks on top of echos on top of each other always, permeating through everything.
I remembering listening to 90.5 'the only station that mattered', and they would have live bands play on friday nights. I wish I could remember the name of this band...I think it was Unkle Kong's Thud Factory (now there's a name that is ungoogle-able...that could have been the name of the live show? It just popped into my head) and the lead singer just had the most insane echo in every song, to the point where it just became noise, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was so jealous, it overshadowed everything, and it wouldn't quit from song to song.
this is a little like that but there is some really nice guitar happening here, it's reminiscent of something hippie-jam about it at points but then something weird and awesome happens.

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