Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dark Captain Light Captain

This is kind of nice quiet home recorded fare. Something a little like dump, the Yo La Tengo side project or something. Lot's of layered harmony and finger picked guitar.
Other stuff from their myspace gets even more low-fi, with bedroom sounding box smacks and woodwind solos, tiny crap keyboards. I like the messing with percussion, lot's of weird sounds and even some electronic stuff in the background. It would fit right in with anything early 90's low-fi. There are some nice surprises musically. It's all quiet and played late at night with headphones.

It's kind of nice to hear kind of crappy drum machine. That's something that is really a choice, to have it so obviously bad, that snare sound, I think it's weird that you can recognize it right away, every hit sounds exactly the same. Maybe it's just the way it's recorded? It's really clean and with no room sound at all.
And by the way they are loking for a bass player on their myspace.
It's a little steep for a seven inch but it's imported. This is UK Lo-Fi.

Available from midheaven mailorder:
DARK CAPTAIN, LIGHT CAPTAIN "Jealous Enemies / Mid-Session Interval" (Loaf - LOAF 12) 7" $9.25
***NOW AVAILABLE ON 7-INCH VINYL!!! East London's DARK CAPTAIN LIGHT CAPTAIN came together in early 2006 fueled by a love for folkish sounds, black coffee and incessant late night bedroom recordings sessions. A speculative myspace page containing some early demos made quite a few people happy, and just a few months into their existence they found themselves featuring as co-writers and performers on Seven Sisters, the superb debut album by German folk noir chanteuse MILE-NASONG. "Jealous Enemies" b/w "Mid-Session Interval" is the debut recordings from the Captains, their unique (but strangely familiar) textured sound and vocal harmonies is without a doubt an indication of greater things to come. A follow up single will be released in April with their debut LP scheduled for a May release. ""Think Beta Band meeting Ride, with Godspeed! You Black Emperor and King of Convenience looking on approvingly"-TuneTribe

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