Monday, January 28, 2008

The Great Pop Supplement - 2 New ones!

This is a hard decision, these two new 7"'s have just become available from the Great Pop Supplement. I am such a huge fan of Dom's releases... they are art, the packaging, everything made by hand, and amazing music.
But it would be around $25 for both of these, and after seeing MV + EE at the Knitting Factory a few weeks ago, they were pretty much the worst thing I have ever heard. Not just the style, vocally... lyrically, they were just terrible. I want to give them another chance, they might be completely different recorded, they could have had an off night. I've heard a lot about them recently, I want it to work out. They are on ecstatic peace for god's sake.
These records will be so worth it, I will probably end up getting them anyway, I'm practically talking myself into it. I love the great pop supplement and trust the stuff Dom is putting together.
There's really no other way to get this stuff and you feel really privileged just to be a part of it.

TGPS is releasing a James Blackshaw 7" sometime this year, and I'm saving my $ for that....I think.

GPS21 MV + EE (Matt Valentine) "Black Man Joe"
2 specially recorded, smoked out blues with wondrous erika elder vocal and refrained geetar genius from mv. the b side blazes the stoned out mv+ee sound further. late night fireside / porch epics with byron coley sleevenotes, 500 only. one of 2 GPS mv+ee 45s this year and incredibly, a first outright uk release...

GPS25 TRANKO "Neko 77"
formidable debut from Japanese psych band. two whacked out sitar / moog jams like some holy acid mothers / popol vuh jam with ananda shankar at the controls. incredible blissed out, cosmic kraut madness all wrapped up in amazing circular indian art sleeves, 300 only on 7" wax.

prices are £3.99 each, or £9.50 for both including post within the uk.
or £10 for both incl. post into europe
or £11.25 for both incl. airmail elsewhere in the world.
usual thing of PAYPAL best please....

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