Friday, January 25, 2008

Ryan talks about the White Stripes Conquest 7"'s

Ryan, of fuck buttons 7" winner fame, emailed me yesterday to tell me about the White Stripes Conquest series that he picked up which is still available from good ol' ebay. He bought all three of the conquest singles and sent me his review.
Like I said originally I pretty much gave up because I can't see then end of this Icky Thump White stripes 7" tunnel. 'Is it too much?', I keep asking myself, is it the old 'too much of a good thing' problem? Could that actually happen with seven inches? It's kind of blowing my mind a little bit. So they are pushing the boundaries, which is great, but I feel a little taken advantage of especially after you read this's great that there is some beck stuff on the B-sides, but it's too bad they didn't commit to something better. But I'm not complaining...really.
Plus Ryan scanned the trading cards which were inside, and I haven't seen anywhere. I actually haven't busted open the seal on mine yet, and I didn't even know they were in there...

Ryan says:

I bought the 3 Conquest records. I'm not usually much of a completist but for some reason with Icky Thump I wanted all the singles. I have 8, I think that's all of them so far. I also figured seeing how expensive white stripes singles end up going for on ebay once they're out of print I better buy them now. It's quite a nice set-The 3 B sides were recorded in Beck's living room, and he also co-produced them. Here's the lowdown on them:

Conquest / It's My Fault For Being Famous (black) - The best of the lot. The B side is a fun little country tune, by far the best song of all 3 B sides, with Beck on vocals and piano as well. Comes with a trading card of Beck dressed up like a matador to look like it was taken in the 1920's or something.

Conquest / Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap (white):
B side has Beck on a slide guitar. Though this one and the next are not anything close to 'real' songs. They feel like they were made up on the spot. Still this one comes with a Meg White trading card of her looking like an old school bull fighter.

Conquest (Mariachi Version) / Cash Grab Complications On The Matter (red):
When I put this one on my turntable I laughed out loud to the mariachi version. It's quite amusing to hear such a Mexican sounding version of this tune. The B side is pretty forgettable though. Think of The White Stripes being able to record anything they want for kicks and doing it. Comes with a Jack White matador trading card.

All in all though it's a great set, and after being patient and hunting around ebay UK I got all 3 shipped to Canada for around 15 bucks.

Thanks Ryan,
Well, now I have to get them too, maybe I can convince permanent records to get the other two got me again white stripes.

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