Monday, January 7, 2008

Sic Alps - Strawberry Guillotine

This is more psyche/noise-awesomeness from the Sic Alps and they get some amazing distortion feedback sounds on the b-side of their latest from Woodsist records.
Side A is a wash of... I don't even know how many tracks of guitar, it's venturing into old Jesus and Mary Chain Barbed Wire Kisses territory. So much sound it's ridiculous...slow hidden vocals ...moving just enough to get out of the quicksand and not get sucked back under.

The B-side 'Ratroq' is a lot of distortion and something horn-like... I think a saxophone, making horrible screeching sounds with some big guitars and a word here and there. Pretty minimal with tons of effects, lots of breathing room. Like the worst factory making evil...just pumping it out.
Then 'The Drake' just sneaks in after and is a couple acoustic sounding guitars strumming away underwater. It always feel like it's mastered with tons of bass, lots of mud and no treble. This is actually a nice little tune. Hold my hand until we run into the sun.

The description from Woodsist actually sheds some light on the narrative, unless they just made it up:

"Sic Alps toss back 3 new tracks for this seven inch. Title track "Strawberry Guillotine" takes the listener on a guided tour of an imagined war between the sprawling Golden Gate Park homeless population and the more established model yacht community. Musket blasts sound off as shopping carts laden with gasoline and styrofoam emerge from the silent bushes and charge the blood dimmed shores of the cement bottomed Spreckles Lake. Cover art co-opted from 90s LA anti-legends The Summer Hits who themselves stole it from the Walker Brothers in the first place. Apparently Rex from Summer Hits is now homeless in London where his long beard is black on one side and fully grey on the other. This record is humbly dedicated to him." - Woodsist.

It's also available from parasol distro.

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