Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whirlyball 7" - black lips, gentleman jesse, baby shakes and coffin bound

These whirlball 7" "tickets" just went on sale yesterday, the show happened like last week, so these must be the 7"'s they couldn't/didn't sell and then an additional 400 repress so everyone can thankfully hear the music.
If you are into these bands, this is totally bad ass, colored vinyl split down the middle, splatter vinyl....awesome. I have been barely checking out the black lips here and there and maybe it's just not something I want to get more of right now. I get them confused with the Black Keys but I think the Black Lips are bluesy kind of raw, dirty, in the vein of low-fi JSBX and the White stripes, they may have been doing this first, I don't really know.

This is the greatest idea, to release a 7" as the ticket to the show... and it looks like they go all out with the manufacturing of these things as art objects. Very nice. I like that you have all the options from plain affordable black to the ones from the show...and they offer media rate shipping this time....thank you chunklet.
FYI, they are 4.50. 6.50, and 7.50 respectively....$7.50 for the split red gold color 7"'s with the tickets still attached....crazy.

From Chunklet:
Only 400 additional copies made to satisfy the masses! 100 on clear/red/gold splatter vinyl. The rest are black. The Black Lips do an Ethiopiques cover, Gentleman Jesse do a Big Tuff cover, and the Baby Shakes and Coffin Bound each do an original.

ALSO! We have about 40 left of the OFFICIAL red/gold split-down-the-center vinyl with the ticket still attached! Oh so gorgeous! We don't anticipate these lasting very long so hustle!

Complaining about paying priority shipping? Contact this guy to do paypal with media mail. Save a few bucks.

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