Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disordered records - The end?

Just saw this today. I've been kind of putting Rocco's emails from Disordered records in a folder and waiting to check them like a jackass. I finally got around to them this morning and it turns out he's taking final orders for his last 2 7"'s.
There's also kind of a farewell blog post on the Disordered records myspace. Damn he was putting together really cool synth-punk stuff, a lot of 7"'s some full length stuff. I wonder what happened... future seven inches were one is making any money off seven inches except the people putting all this hard work on ebay and not giving a shit about the music.

So coincidentally enough Rocco IM'd me sometime yesterday and we briefly talked about NY, and how he's finishing university in Italy and was thinking of moving so the label needed to come to an end. Expect an interview in the near future...but in the meantime contact Rocco to get in on these last 2 7", which sound amazing, check out the label myspace, it's a great collection of punk bands playing electronics...that's what the future/present sounds like to me. Either your playing a suitcase full of effects and twisting sound into some kind of nightmare/dance party, or you are bashing them into submission in the tradition of punk. I like them both.

From Rocco:

so next releases should be in print this month and they will be the last ones.

they are:

BLACK BUG 7"(i don't like you/you a grave) 200 copies coreleased with AVANT! Records,the label run by HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE drummer.

DESTRUCTION UNIT 7"(250 copies),the band run by ryan wong of reatards,wongs,tokyo electron etc. with the help of Shawn Foree,leader of DIGITAL LEATHER.

and maybe a lathe 7" of 30 copies by TWIN CRYSTALS if the stuff is ready in these days.

thanx to all the bands i worked with:





all these people are great persons,thank you so much for having let me put some release of yours on vinyl.

and to all the distros and people that i meet in this wonderful experience.i grow up trought this label and i always thought that it should be a kind of proiection of my mind..of my musical represents a kind of way of my musical knowledge.

and thanx to you that supported my label and bought my records..or that just listened to them on a shitty ipod!



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