Friday, February 22, 2008

the accidental - knock knock / brave new world

I have been a fan of Tunng since they covered 'Pioneer' by Bloc Party and made me want to hear that song again. I don't know why it seemed so new combining weird blips and hacked digital editing and looping with classic guitar and all kinds of organic sounding stuff, but it did, and why I haven't ever heard it quite like this was a mystery.

It's Nick Drake fed through a radio shack 400 in 1 science kit.

Then again I was going through a Books phase as well around this time, so as much as I loved it, I don't find myself going back to it regularly, it's a pretty specific sound, ideology, but still was new and I appreciated it a lot.
I still think this will stand up years from now as marking a specific time, a perfect example of a new direction, or beginning of a movement.
So this 7" is a side project from Sam Genders from Tunng, and I'm curious to see if it goes off and becomes more electronic or the opposite way and is even more stripped down and organic instruments, then the reel to reel is cut up and resampled and made into locked grooves or something.
Plus the sleeve is a handsewn bag...I'm sold already, and you can get it domestically from Parasol for a reasonable 7.75$.

Parasol says:
Accidental, The
Knock Knock (Tunng Mix) / Brave New World (Benge Mix)
PS, UK Fripp and Eno, Gainsbourg and Vannier, Kuti and Allen - two's company, and great musicians often travel in pairs. The Accidental is a pairing of Sam Genders (Tunng) and Stephen Cracknell (The Memory Band, Gorodisch, co-founder of Trunk Records). This single is their first outing as well as a forerunner for a debut full-length album, due in Spring 2008. As a founder member of Tunng, Sam Genders is an extraordinary songwriter, melding Lewis Carroll's flights of fancy with all the pathos of a 19th Century Russian novelist - a tragic-comic outlook on life and fascination with both the natural and unnatural, like Gogol with a guitar. With Tunng, his well-drawn tales weave in and out of the bobbing electronics, crafting electro-tinged folk songs which pulse and caress with equal measure, combining an easy melodicism with the band's expansive touch. Stephen Cracknell has a similarly attuned ear for the properties which link the acoustic and pastoral with the synthetic sounds of electronica, managing to conjure an organically simple fusion of elements which is defiantly modern. Under the moniker of the Memory Band, Cracknell's sleight of hand has seen him essay that relationship between the traditional folk lament and the circular, glitchy stylings heard on his electronic output as Gorodisch. This seven-inch release marks the first airing of material by the Accidental, featuring remixes of two of the songs slated for inclusion on their forthcoming debut album. Knock Knock is remixed by fellow Tunng lynchpin Mike Lindsay, the scratchy atmosphere and booming beats lending it a distinctly tribal feel, while bass frequencies lurch and stretch underneath plaintive vocals. On the reverse is the Benge remix of Brave New World - a slice of blissful electronica akin to Four Tet sitting down for tea and scones with Animal Collective, while snaking rhythms rattle alongside cut-up vocals and odd percussive flourishes. Slip on the headphones and drift away. Limited to 500 copies on seven inch wax only.
Vinyl comes in a harvest house bag with print.

From StaticCaravan (Not Available? Sold out?) or from Parasol mailorder.

And Here is episode 4 of the great 7inches Podcast! I promise I'm working on guests so it's not just me huddled in the corner, drinking and listening to 45's and talking about them.

However much fun that is for me.

This week I play stuff from the Thrill jockey plum 7" box set: David Byrne, Tortoise, Pullman, plus O'death, and the Subpop, Wooden shjips 7"'s for 13:03 minutes.

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