Monday, February 25, 2008

PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT -who let the dogs out- repress

This is their first single released a while ago and sold out pretty quick, I remember this being pretty noisy, sound, no-fi insanity. If you are looking for this you'll be glad to pick up a copy. The fact that it's on siltbreeze should tell you something, they also have just put out a full length LP as well.
They supported Times New Viking on tour, and are as opaque-sounding as recording at the bottom of the ocean.
I was riding the bus to Boston and I listened to Times New Viking over and over, and I was literally hearing different things, it's kind of like light, you throw the entire spectrum in there, every frequency and you're going to hear some amazing things. The sound you were producing with a vibrating string is now harmonizing with the static, you're peering through the fog and in the meantime your mind is coming up with all kinds of things just out of sight.

Psychedelic Horseshit's first single, "Who Let The Dogs Out" is available again from Columbus Discount in a 2nd edition of 300 copies. It'll be available in the coming days from S-S, Florida's Dying, Goner, Bistro Distro, and Fusetron. We will also have 50 copies available directly through on Monday or Tuesday. They will certainly sell quickly, but we plan to keep them in print. Artwork varies slightly (the stapled pieces are different) from edition to edition.

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