Thursday, March 6, 2008

Casiotone - loves vinyl 7"'s

This was in my email, more 7" vinyl from the hardest working man in the 7" business, Mr Owen Ashworth from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, he did the soundtrack for video artist Laurel Nakadate's new video. I'm a fan of hers as well and this should be pretty awesome. I tried to email her on her website to reserve a copy of the DVD, but her inbox must be overloaded because it got kicked back.

And I'm told it will also eventually be available here at southern records, so don't blow your wad on the shipping, just try to wait, if you can. This should be a great vinyl only release of stuff that won't end up anywhere else and Owen keeps getting better and better these days with the goves off and any instrument up for grabs.

OIB Records in Brighton, England will be releasing a 7" EP especially for the UK tour. The EP will feature four previous unreleased tracks recorded for the Laurel Nakadate film STAY THE SAME NEVER CHANGE. You can watch the trailer here:

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Ice Cream Truck
2. Town Topic (instrumental)
3. I Love Creedence (instrumental)
4. Green Cotton Sweater (version)

"Ice Cream Truck" is streaming now on my page, where you can also see a sneak peak of Laurel Nakadate's cover photography.

The Town Topic EP is a VINYL ONLY RELEASE and won't be available in shops until after the tour. An extremely limited tour edition of the 7" will be pressed on light blue vinyl.

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