Friday, March 7, 2008

Be Your Own Pet 4x7"

Be Your Own Pet's new album Get Awkward on Ecstatic Peace is due out soon, I've been listening to some of their new tracks on myspace it sounds like they are even more hyped up and produced, it's a little too bad, I like ho ridiculous they are singing about food fights and turning 21, but a little of the garage feel is lost. I could see this in every high school ipod and rocking it in the car on the way to school, in the parking lot.
I'll enjoy it for a month or so like the other one, I just don't know how much I'll revisit it. Maybe I'm expecting too much, it's silly, rocking, and they might be marketed with this one to break through as the new safe punk rock or something.
They do love the singles though and I'm all for that.

4 New singles from their new album:
Super Soaked
The Kelly Affair
Food fight
black hole
1500 of each

My single of the week would just have to be 'Super Soaked' by the increasingly unhinged Be Your Own Pet . Kind of cynically overlooked by many a couple of years ago due to a bit of a junior Yeah Yeah Yeahs vibe emanating from this quartet, the stage is now, however, set for them to destroy 2008. It's an adrenalised, amped up punk racket business that motors into your head like an unholy cross between Blondie & Boss Hog on steroids. Yes, if you thought the debut LP was a bit of a saucy revved-up beast of juvenile-core then these new babies are gonna pin you to the wall! The flip 'Blow yr Mind' is a flat out grinding speed punk squall that pips 'Let's get Sandy' for supersonic mosh-tasticness. Fuckin' A is the words what is required 'ere mefinks. This is 1 of 4 limited 7"s (Jemima's on this baby) to be released in the next two weeks so..ahem...collect them all! Wowsers!

from Norman records or HMV UK

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