Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Fashionable Disease

Aquarius seems to be giving this a huge thumbs up.
I went to A fashionable disease's
myspace, (where a couple 7"'s are available), and the sample tracks are currently piercing eardrums across the cubicles...this is impressive noise, where that cymbal crash tinny treble sound is actually vocals? There's no reference for any of the sounds. I love that mystery, and just pure sound, detached from any narrative.
They are opening for gang wizard, so they run with that freeform underground noise crowd.
I don't know how many times I can hear it, or how many times my ears will take listening at an appreciative volume, but maybe that just adds to the attraction.
It's pretty fleeting, even as a 7".

It's the kind of sound that makes you immediately think this group of maniacs are on the verge of breaking their equipment behind a chain link fence with a strobe light.
I don't understand it and I hope it's created live. There's nothing worse than these sounds just coming out of a laptop. I want a performance...it's improvised...I want to see the magic happen.

From aquarius: A FASHIONABLE DISEASE "s/t" (My Pet Goat) 7" 4.50 Totally ass kicking and weirdly fucked brutality fills this little 7" from Santa Cruz's own, A Fashionable Disease! Another one of those what the fuck, seemingly impossible combinations of influences, synthesized in such a unique and successful way, that makes us kind of scratch our heads and lament that we haven't been turned on sooner. How do you describe this? Maybe filthyfreejazzcrustyfiedsatanicdamagedgrindpunkavantskronk? Or maybe just Crass meets Ayler meets Pig Destroyer meets Sun Ra meets Schoenberg meets Anal Cunt meets Mahavishnu. We don't fucking know, but it rules! Super demented, ultra damaged grind-jazz, complete with horn section! Putrid angular metallic guitar discordance, feculent terrorist manifesto screeched vocals, growling horns, blasting drums. The first cut, "Veal Medallions" starts with a blast of feedback before hurling into a psychotically chromatic guitar and piano line, ending up in a blasting tumult of throat tearing vocals and frenetically crazed drumming! Some of the lyrics from this number kind of sum up what these fellas are about... "skulls converge ruins/ rainbows ejaculate onto your face/ quiet in the piss-stained evening/ spring wind blows perfume of 1,000 rotting carcasses...". Fuck yes. The rest of the 7" is just as killer. Totally fucked and totally great! For fans of Zorn, Bathtub Shitter, Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Coltrane, Dystopia, Cecil Taylor, or anything filthy, proggy, grindy, avant-jazzy, and totally shredding! Recommended!

Breaking super tuesday political message.....Greg Davis has endorsed Obama for Pres:

i'm joining some other musicians, common, stevie wonder, joan baez, herbie hancock, the grateful dead and many more in endorsing senator barack obama for president of the united states of america. my endorsement might not mean much in the grand scheme, but obama has inspired me to do my part in my little corner of the world. i hope that you will consider joining me with your support for obama and casting your vote for a better future.

It's always a gamble to mix music and politics, it can make for some really shitty music that hurts more than it helps, but it's inspiring to hear from this sound artist, not that it's a huge surprise, I'd imagine musicians with these types of leanings are going to be choosing from this side of the fence. At least go vote, and I was glad to see this sincere email. But it also sounded like the sound work 7"'s are on hold while he goes to work for Obama and changing the future?
Now I'm pissed.

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