Friday, February 15, 2008

Lovvers - laughing man / search for gold

Lovvers - Laughing Man / Search For Gold (Jonson Family Records) 7"

I first investigated these guys becuase someone compared them to unwound, the greatest rock band of all I had to check it out. I hear elements here, not of the conceptual, instrumental final equation math rock of 'Leaves turn', but the sloppy raw, kind of solo punk, that isn't out there involved in a scene, like Fake Train or even earlier live or bootleg stuff. Lone wolf punk.... historically influenced but a part of nothing going on I can point a finger to.

That's what this is, you can put it in that section in the record store, but it's not typical, which can be a bad thing, swinging too far in either direction. You can love it or hate it based on one song, or a part...and I hated unwound when I first heard The Future of What... but they're taking chances with the sound, that could end up who knows where.... and putting out a lot of 7"'s doing it.

It's on Jonson family records.

From Norman records:
Why have I never heard a Lovvers record before until now? Brian put 'Laughing Man' on the deck and I almost shit myself. A slab of prime Butthole Surfers inspired primal gutter rock that twats you in the head like a juggernaut. It begins with a slow intro and then the drums kick in and a disorientating filthy riff does the business.The vocal has a kind of snarl that recalls old Boner records band Steel Pole Bathtub and the whole thing sounds like it's falling apart. Then suddenly the track finds its feet and then its a good old fashioned kick ass rock out. Flipside 'Search For Gold' is a faster monster that'll get you shaking your nut about like a spider monkey on amphetamines. The production is raw and it has a Dead Kennedy's kinda thing happening. 7" only on Jonson Family Records. x Ant

Today is podcast day and here is the 3rd Episode featuring the Declining Winter, Cococoma, and Dog Day. (12:14)

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