Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eat Skull - Dead Famiies

Being on a Times New Viking kick lately, this is perfectly along the same lines, all low-fi fuzziness, with kind of a psyche-out edge, that starts to spiral in places, but the delivery in this track 'Things I did' of this same yelled line 'Watching me watch tv', goes from being a statement, kind of funny, to being really pissed and yelling at the top of your lungs.
The track on this 7," 'Dead Families' reminds me of the Velvet underground, it has a kind of repeated jangly rhythm played on the shittiest AM radio your dad has in the garage, it's yellowed and the antenna is totally busted off, the station barely in, it's from the cool town, the next town over. This relentless organ note drowns out everything else going on and starts the decline of any kind of normal song progression, the tangle of sound. You only realize it's still there when it cuts out for a second. It comes to a complete stop at one point and the vocalist ramps it up again for another 3 minute jam. This has to be 33.

Just otherworldly, could have existed in all bunch of time periods, or none of them. The long lost recordings...this is a trend(?, or all of a sudden I'm putting these things together) that I'm all about these days.

Now for the bad part, the only place I can definitively find this is Cloth Ear (?) in Australia, for $10...supposedly a couple of record stores in Portland mentioned in their myspace blog are carrying it already, but they don't do mailorder as far as I can tell...

It should be out at some point on Skulltones, maybe after the dust settles from SXSW....

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  1. Shit - this sold out on the first day. I got one from Bistro, and he said that it sold out within a couple of hours...