Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pixies Tribute - American Laundromat

The Pixies.... they have stayed relevant and innovative and just utterly amazing the past 15 years or so, it's really classic rock to me. Where's that station? I know the feeling of, 'You never heard the pixies?....Jesus.', and it does scare me.
If I was in any kind of band and asked to do a cover for this tribute album it would be one of the hardest things of my musical career. Where would you start with them?
Recently me and my friend every once in a while get together and play London Calling, we just put the record on and play through the whole thing, then pick stuff to do again. I haven't consciously done that since high school when I realized that was the only was I was going to learn playing the guitar. I learn so much about the album by doing that, I have a whole new appreciation for that album after playing along to it, in a new way. All I can hear are the bass parts. I wake up and it's in my head again. That effects you in ways you'll find out later. Plus you sound pretty good, and there are tiny moments where it's like you know a little what it might be like to play it for real.
I think a cover is a lot like that, especially if you want to take it apart and make it new again, that's the goal, rework it put your stamp on it. It can be the hardest thing to do successfully, the initial work is done, but throwing that out and making it seem like the Pixies covered you would be the goal. The unattainable, impossible goal.
I wouldn't know where to begin with the pixies, vocally, the guitar work. Kim's bass. It's a nightmare. Growing up with these masterworks of 'Alternative' music, you had to really be into them, they were like sonic youth, there weren't any casual listeners, it was all or nothing.

I really want to hear this entire album and the interpretations, this seven inch wasn't available to buy until now and has tracks not even on the CD.
Joe, who runs the label is so great, really you're supporting more than just your vinyl habit, someone who's honestly helping to put new music out there for unselfish reasons.
Ok, I convinced myself. $7

Today we added the "Dig For Fire - a tribute to PIXIES" exclusive 3-song bonus white vinyl to our store. We only have around 30 copies of this one so if you want one, order it soon. We also added the Caulfield Sisters "Deal Breaker Demo's" info with direct iTunes link. Visit our official store for more info.

1. Number 13 Baby - Elk City

2. Hey (Blue Version) - Fashion Victims
3. Bone Machine (Alternate Mix) - Charles Douglas

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