Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Great Pop Supplement - 2 More new ones!

A couple more from the excellent Great pop supplement, as long as Dom keeps making these, I will keep trying to come up with the money to buy them. Since I haven't ordered the last two I might be able to put these all together and over the ocean. He is also putting older releases together from the last year or so, the ones without sleeves and putting them in minibox sets for super cheap. I think 20 or 25 pounds for the past 4 or 5 releases.
Definitely email him if you are interested:
Here they are....
Dom also says the first full length is in the works as well...

GPS26 WHSYP “Sun Without End” (Family EP) 7”
6 minutes of beautiful, sprawling acoustic psych from eternally evolving, sunny, californian folk collective whsyp.

Hazy high end vocal harmonies backed with subtle sitars (courtesy of skygreen leopards, part time wooden wand backing guy glenn donaldson) which aim for the stars yet quickly turn into a darker beast as the piece closes out. A beautiful 45 in fliptop match wallet style sleeves made from linen card and in a run of 300 only….

GPS27 THE SEE SEE “Up The Hill”/”Citadel Shuffle” 7”
Debut 45 from what has become something of a multi-national supergroup of sorts. Ex- eighteenth day of may mainguy, richard olson, soledad brothers drummer ben swank, former gps 45 guy pete greenwood on guitars and lap steel and kevin peyok.
2 fabulous slices of southern u.s folk rock, recalling gene clark, the byrds and burritos with a passing nod to big star perhaps. Beautiful, soaring vocals and a gem of a 45 to open up with. Early gigs included bill doss from the olivia tremor control- unsurprising given the uplifting nature of the sunny psych tunes within… 300 only 45 given the usual GPS packaging treatment.

cost breakdown as follows:-

for both: £7.98 rounded up to £9.50 incl post in the uk, or up to £10.50 into europe or £11 to the states/japan/aus/nz/elsewhere.
let me know if it's just a copy of one and i'll sort a price for you from there.

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