Monday, March 3, 2008

Morrissey - that's how people grow up.

It's interesting how Morrissey went from all those covers of weird 50's soap opera stars to pictures of himself. I just can not imagine this guys life. He's from that time where there was a struggling alternative to mainstream music. The music that was on the radio, the only way to hear music...anything....except for 120 minutes. 2 hours a week. That's it.
I think it's interesting how progressive England was in that time, that time period was some kind of heyday for The Cure, Morrissey, the Smiths, Siouxsie and the seemed like in high school at one point I was practically buying Doc Martins and practicing a fucking accent.
Between this stuff and punk, One of my friends started saying 'Bloody' all the time and driving me crazy. Throw in Clockwork Orange and Sid and Nancy, and that's a recipe for a seriously weird time in rural upstate NY. Everything everywhere else was awesome.
I did take a good route through the Smiths to get to Morrissey though. My friend Jay who I skated with lent me some tapes from his shoeboxes of awesome music. It was a weird shock later to watch some live video of him playing live during this Smiths time, like Rocky Horror it was like some kind of club that I didn't get, the flowers, running on stage to molest him, I started to see an even different side to Morrissey.
I guess he's my generations equivalent of Frank Sinatra or something, I know all the songs...they can be annoying sometimes, or just overplayed in my head. He's a strange character, but if he's still with me then I know he's never leaving.

And I have a dream one day of having a bunch of smiths singles I can put on and remember riding the bus and having my mind blown by this outside world.

From Turntable Lab
Deluxe slipsleeve 45 for this outstanding new track from the Mozzer. "That's How People Grow Up(1)" is another storming Moz/Boz Boorer composition in an early solo era style, and it's way better than anything from his last album (which was actually not bad). But of course the real deal here is the live version of the Smiths classic "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side(2)" on the flip. It was recorded live at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha, Nebraska last year and it shows that Morrissey has hardly lost a step. Sweet packaging and center label from the revived Decca label as well.

Another weird thing is the Smiths live track on the B-side? Good, because this later stuff can be hit or miss.

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