Wednesday, June 18, 2008

kaki king free 7"

I guess you can get a free 7" if you buy 'Dreaming of Revenge', but I just wanted some kind of excuse to talk about Kaki King. When Popmatters said she may be developing into 'one of the most influential instrumental artists of her generation', I took notice. I don't know what album I heard first but it was pretty amazing James Blackshaw/Fahey type acoustic instrumental....occasionally it had vocals but it wasn't too much or weird.
She seemed to be living in that world between hipster indie rock and wherever Tegan and Sara live, that really hardcore audience of really specific Ani Difranco. They kind of work outside the record label driven machine a little, they tour at weird venues....just outside the whole system.
I could be wrong about Kaki, she could be more of an indie darling than I know, but she started showing up in reviews and such, and this free 7" kind of clinches it for me.
The new album from what it sounds like, is more vocal and she's playing with more instrumentation, and these are things that I didn't like her for in the first place so she could be going down that road I will not appreciate.

This is available from places like this...
We have a KAKI KING 7" to give with her new album.

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