Thursday, June 19, 2008


Jazzfinger is two guys and a girl making long droning... I'm assuming improv compositions of electronic and organic percussion sounds. There's whining high modem crackle, sort of wind, you can even hear members walking around, creaking in their chairs. It's a constant examination of what's intended and what is manufactured. Brakes screech...what was intentional? Someone is making a low kind of humming amplified...I think it's a human voice.
I'm sitting here and a streetcleaner went by and there might be some people talking kind of off in the distance and I honestly wasn't sure what I was hearing from the computer speakers and what was going on around me. Isn't that exactly the point John Cage was making? There is no noise, only sound. It's that mix of straining to hear this case most of the sounds seem ominous, like a steel's like a sound effects sample cd of the best kind. Truly weird, and interesting because it's deliberately taking time to build and take apart.
There is an 8in lathe cut from Mimaroglu Music or a seven inch from aquarius:

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from UK experimental drone/noise duo Jazzfinger, but that just means we probably missed about 20 super limited cassette and cd-r releases. This here is the very first 7” from JF, and offers yet another side to their sound, this one a gorgeously minimal buzz drenched lo-fi raga.

The A side is all warbly guitar scrape and scrabble, over some wheezing lo-fi buzz, the sound warped and woozy, bits of electronic grit and glitch, very hypnotic, like some alien Appalachia, but minus the twang, and way more whir and buzz.

The B side opens with a keening high end drone that sounds like a feeding back bagpipe, unfurling a strange stately raga over a buzzing static drenched melody, the sound like some crumbling tape being played back on a dictaphone, everything wreathed in glorious grit, buried beneath a lo-fi hum, very reminiscent of the more rag-like recordings of Dan Higgs, but much more minimal and abstract. Really cool.
Gorgeous full color artwork, hand assembled, pressed on clear vinyl, and of course SUPER LIMITED!!!

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