Friday, March 14, 2008

Land of Talk - Speak to me Bones

I don't know if this has anything to do with Be your own pet, this isn't snotty, Land of Talk is more like Dog Day, really smart indie pop.
It's one thing to just lose your mind, Los Campesinos style and just go out there into really cute territory, with every instrument at your disposal,but it's not something I could see developing in 5 years, I guess it has a built in expiration date. You can take that quick instant gratification direction or be in it for the long haul with plain good tried and true indie rock. A couple of guitars, clever songwriting, a messed up sound here and there, not treating the audience like dummies who have 'never heard our awesome unique sound before' and at the end of the day you have a little integrity, and we'll be there forever.

Elizabeth Powell sings in this great chorus vocal style, not too sweet to be one of these label pushed singers who get a band together and sell this image of alternative singing or something. It's raw and unrefined, and perfect. It's more like the musical feel of the best moments of the Breeders, there's intricate little melodies intertwining in great ways and with that Chan Marshall voice, Elizabeth goes from honest sweet to tough in a verse. There is something just good about the results here, I can hear the time spent and the intelligence. That's indie rock, it's not the recording quality, it's a little humility, time and loads of talent, coming out in ways like this.
This is a great single and I'd love to hear the B-side.

Imported On One little Indian

Land Of Talk are up next and are a far more interesting proposition with 'Speak to Me Bones'. This Canadian trio make good old fashioned indie rock. The female vocal is very cool. A little like a less aggressive Be Your Own pet. The Rhythm section are tight and this is fairly catchy but still has a rawness to it. 7" only on One Little Indian.

It's Friday so it's Seven Inch podcast time...I play some Sebadoh - It's all you / emmett pig, and Nodzzz, both sides, a couple times.

Hopefully better quality, and now with 50% more guest! My cat tries to sabotage the mircophones, I have problems with pennies and only end up playing two records! (15:14)

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