Thursday, March 13, 2008

death set - negative thinking

This is a great example of the contemporary explosive genre mashup that's the most interesting thing happening in music lately. It's electronic-y, the vocals are run through effects, still guitar based, it's not completely just beeps, they're still working with a solid rock foundation. They're in good company playing with Dan Deacon, Girl talk, No Age, Juiceboxxx Etc.
So what is it? It's mutated dance music, in warehouses, with busted equipment, it's focused on the energy of playing this stuff live, getting out into the crowd and rocking it out. Yelling into microphones, standing on amps, the music is almost secondary to the message of rock.
That's what surprised me when I first heard Matt & Kim. It's straight keyboard, borderline electronic at times, some kind of offshoot of the emo-electronics of the 90's, but the crowd and vibe was definitely punk rock, people were out of control falling on each other, getting onstage. That's it I's synth-punk.
I have no doubt where they are coming from, it's sincere and trying to do new things without even trying. If any of these shows and 7"'s let them quit there day job, then there is hope for the future of music. I will support this shit as much as possible. Digital Leather, Sids, it all fits. This is on the manic end of the spectrum, and it reminds me of Japanther a lot, who have to be the godfathers of this NY scene. I take it for granted a little that they are going to be around forever and keep playing awesome shows, I hope they do and I wouldn't mind a bit if Death Set opened and took up the torch. But I'm old so I'll stand in the back and try not to get hurt.

There is a double 7" on Ninja tune coming out soon also..
Here's another seven inch on Morphius because I think the one pictured may be out completely all ready.

Death set-Negative thinking-A big explosive piece of hard hitting electro rock on the counter label from death set. Think c86 indie rock with added synths and a singalong punk rock like chorus. Also features intermission and heard it all before on the flip side. February 2008-7"-Counter-

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