Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hornet Leg - Blood Trilogy - K recs

Hornet leg really won me over with the tracks on their myspace, it's really dirty garage rock, I think everything there is live, so I'm really curious to hear how this has been translated. At first I was wondering how this ended up on K recs, but then with members that include Chris Sutton (Dub Narcotic, C.O.C.O) on geetar and Claudia Meza (Japanther, Thunder Thunder Thunder) then it all makes sense. I support anything Japanther does after seeing them open for Death from above once, I was converted instantly. I don't get to see them nearly enough and here's another seven inch to add to my japanther section.
Now I'm hoping there's more like these live tracks to come, it's a lot like Japanther, no frills, raw energy catchy punk rock. The idea that it's a conceptual seven inch having something to do with '...is consciousness tethered to the physicality of blood?', is perfect. This is the perfetc example of putting the 7" format to use. The concept can be worked out in the length of a seven inch, it's their first release, as far as I can tell from this side project, so that fits...it's textbook.

I call it a side project because Chris joined the gossip recently and Claudia is in Japanther, so I don't know what the future of this trio will be. That makes it even more important to pick this up.

Hornet Leg - Blood Trilogy 7" (K)
Blood Trilogy condenses the full-length concept album into three potent tracks of pure, unsentimental, raw energy. Expertly engineered by Calvin Johnson at the Dub Narcotic Studios, these recordings are an immediate grab to the throat but leave a haunting grip to the ear.

On K recs.

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