Monday, April 14, 2008


I first heard Pocahounted on a not not fun split, probably from the bored fortress singles club and really liked the subtle atmopheric drone. It wasn't just the grating new noise sludge fest I'm becoming immune to, it was kind of a nice relief to hear this minimal, haunting quiet death folk. Pocahaunted is really a perfect name, everything it conjures up, a tribal ghost, indian burial grounds...all fed through a possessed psyche-out. It's mystical, eerie and on the other end of the spectrum from the blasts of cacophony I've been into lately. Just plain good and I don't even know why.

Orphan fairytale seems to employ the same kinds of organic sounding primitive instruments, bells, chimes and glitched out electronics looped and reconfigured into instrumental hyptnotizing repetition. This is worth seeking out for both of these bands, and their idiosyncratic directions.

On release the bats, another label that I've never heard of. Sadly though it's based in sweeden and this split will set you back a crazy 55KR. Also from Norman records...getting closer...oh wait it's appropriately on Not Not Fun...Nice. $5

POCAHAUNTED/ORPHAN FAIRYTALE 7" (Release the Bats) split single on our favorite swedish home, RTB. the phaunt track was recorded what seems like a million years ago (aka summer 07), right around the "Tear For Every Grain of Sand" sessions. the OF track is the most overtly wacky thing in her discog, total tyfus bonkers goof-trooping. silkscreened art, full color labels.

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  1. love the not not fun posts

    $5 bucks for this release is a total steal/worth every penny.

    super regretting not jumping on board that bored fortress club.