Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Pleasure Kills - on polypore records

Jeff from the Pleasure Kills was nice enough to send this in for review and in trying to get caught up I listened to it a bunch last night. I is hard.
This single is taking it back to where post pop punk left off....raw, unassuming and full of heart. Lydiot's layered punchy vocals border on some kind of Joan Jett growl at times much as she's got this seducing way, it's all angry as she's demanding you should smash up your radio. They'll get no arguments here, I wouldn't even miss it. It's all in that deep rooted tradition of defiance in the late 70's early 80's Ramones or even more closely Holly and the Italians. They're honestly out to rock, it's the perfect nostalgic soundtrack for a 90's rock and roll high school. That honest fist pumping organ backed anthem of power harmonies with tons of 'uh oh and whoa's' calling for some kind...any kind of of rebellion god dammit.
I can appreciate that, it's all part of a rite of passage, this is pure Americana, classic rock, classic in that punk rock heritage of putting it all on the line...the heyday of pure rock and roll as a fucking lifestyle, an obsession.
It doesn't stop with 'Over and over', the b-side on the big hole jukebox single, finds lydiot a little deceptively softer in this distant bad ass girl's confession, you know the one, hanging out in the parking lot smoking cigarettes, the one that you could never talk to. That's the fantasy going anyway.

The radio is irrelevant as a music delivery device, and it get's more obsolete every day. I mean what's the fucking point of radio or TV for that matter? Is it even a part of anyone's daily life?
God bless the seven inch.

Pleasure kills as a name hit me too, you're attracted to the sheer fun of this power punk pop but there's something dangerous there of course, lurking under the surface, all leather jackets and kick ass, I wouldn't be surprised to see some classic greaser cars peeling out after the show. It's a borderline 50's pin up/bondage thing.

Available from Goner records or from them directly at their myspace.... How about smashing that shit? I hope that's the next single.

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