Friday, April 18, 2008

Record Store Day? It's Tomorrow. Yay!

I didn't really hear anything about record store day until this email from Merge yesterday:

On Saturday, April 19, 2008, hundreds of independently owned music stores across the country will celebrate Record Store Day. Merge will be doing our part to help these great cultural institutions celebrate by giving away a FREE limited edition split seven-inch record featuring new unreleased songs by Destroyer and Wye Oak.
Track listing:
A. Destroyer, "Madame Butterflies"
B. Wye Oak, "Prodigy"

The only way to get one of these seven-inches is to visit a participating independent music store on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 19, and see if they have one on hand. Check out the list of participating stores HERE.

The only place surprisingly in brooklyn on this list was a place I've never heard of in downtown brooklyn, Basement Mix?

I don't know destroyer too well... it might be hard to get behind that voice...wye oak is playing that quiet to explosion card pretty well, acoustic to wall of sound, very put together, male female layered vocals that send it into a hushed place for a minute, but I'm waiting for the windows to shake. Then they bring it down with another acoustic number...weird.

This is a great idea, even if they have like one copy, I can get behind any excuse to go to the record store and buy records and maybe it helps these places stay around. These are the stores from high fidelity, a bunch of fucking characters, guys that organize the local shows, all play in bands, and can recommend stuff to not douche's who are honestly looing for something. Sure they can be elitist pricks, or look down on finding a white stripes 7 inch in their shit bin, but at the end of the day when I want to get something after work, come home sit in the easy chair by the record player and rock out, these are the places I want to go. Free seven inch? Great, I'll take it.

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