Tuesday, May 6, 2008

alexander tucker - custom made

I talked about an ATP release by the Drones a while back and ATP just put another deluxe gatefold 2x7" into the world...this one by Alexander Tucker. It sounds like he's had a pretty diverse music background, originally coming from punk bands, to psyche-jazz, to (sunnO))) to more recently tape, effects loops blues improv.
The idea and execution of this series is over the top, the silk screened sleeves, heavy vinyl, they mean it, which means that the musicians are busting their ass to really create something unique full of almost all exclusive original material. That's all I need to take a closer look.
Here's the track list:

* Side A. Something old - Phantom Rings (New recording of this old song from the album Old Fog)
* Side B. Something new - Veins to the Sky (Single Version, original taken from forthcoming album Portal, see below)
* Side C. Something borrowed - Rodeo in the Sky (originally by Fursaxa)
* Side D. Something blue - Florence Blue (Exclusive to this release.)

From Norman records, who loved it:
Alexander Tucker has done it again with an astonishingly good 4 track EP called Custom Made . This is part of ATP's custom made series of expensive double pack 7"'s. Expensive but nice.... Like the extra special range in your supermarket, this is as extra special, if not more so. His last album was good but after the genius of 'Old Fog' the young man Tucker had a lot to prove. This is a proper return to form though with 4 absolutely stunning tracks. The 1st time I heard this I was absolutely blown away as the songs are amazing. The 1st track (Phantom Rings) is usual Tucker territory with his medieval thing pervading through the music but the vocals have a very slight Beta Band ish thing going on. But 2nd track 'Vein's To The Sky' steals the show.... the high pitched vocals.... the layers of wonky sounded guitars, and that melody does it for me every time I hear it. Seriously this is the best thing I've heard by the guy... there's 2 more tracks on here that are great but I have to press repeat one more time to hear that tune... Damned it's good. If you like your folk all medieval and wonky this is for you!!

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