Monday, May 5, 2008


I've been playing far too much GTA4 to even make any kind of assumptions about this release, I am damn excited about it though. I haven't even made time to listen to the full length by Cheveau yet that I got on white vinyl a couple weeks ago. Nope, instead I've been completely spending every waking moment playing those damn violent video games.

I did however, catch this listing but not before the 100 blue have sold out.... but the 400 black are still available from Rococo, who has been pressing really great stuff lately. Everytime I forget about them, or think they can't have another great 7", they do.

It's ridiculous, I'm in full collecting mode, I see something like this and just order before I even have a chance to really check it out. Sometimes it feel completely out of control, like it's really a borderline addiction. I sometimes imagine I'll be on that show Intervention, and all I have is a room in a transient hotel and boxes of seven inches, and I don't eat...they interview my friends about how I used to have other interests. Hopefully I calm down a little this summer...get out....experience life for gods sake.
I'm sure you want this too....just be warned.

500 Copies only: From Paris, France. They dare to fuse garage punk, funky loops, and digital cut and paste and actually pull it off. Humm, dance, break things, jump up and down to the compu-punk groove these Frenchies lay down. As good as the 3.5 7 inches you might have heard by them.Frenchmen's unique take on punk rock & electro, kind of like a bastard mating of Trio, Stockhausen, and King Coleman - or at least that challenging. BUT the Cheveu don't lose the song in their experimentation. You can even dance to these numbers.

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