Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Does it offend you yeah?

Is their name like that canadian thing where they eh after everything? I haven't been such a huge fan of the electronic-y daft punk things I've heard so far but this track 'Epic Last Song' seems a lot different direction, but the title makes me think it's some kind of joke or one off based on this idea of kind of a bloc party huge sweeping guitar thing...which this completely is.

But the thing I really just realized is that picture of that girl jumping off the bed was from this crazy possession case in the UK where this girl was seriously having episodes and they put a motion trigger camera in her room at night and the series of pictures is so creepy. She's just contorted in these positions and the kids on the other bed are horrified. Then you think they were taken in the middle of the's the scariest thing I've ever seen. Amazing choice for a 7" cover.

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Epic Last Song
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The Thing

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Side A
Epic Last Song
Side B
Epic Last Song (Jack Beats Remix)

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