Friday, May 9, 2008

The Shining Path on Trensmat records

This is an interesting duo of Ilya Monosov and Preston Swirnoff, apparently playing live in 2005 in San Diego, they brought out a Can reference so I had to check them out, I kind of missed out on the Faust bandwagon somewhere and haven't given them a serious listen, they always come up in the same instrumental/experimental conversations and seem to be even more relevant with a lot of what's happening today. They were onto something and keep inspiring to this day. Can really is timeless, when you understand what was being done at that time, it somehow doesn't fit, they could be placed anywhere in that timeline.
On their separate myspaces, Ilya sounds focused on the acoustic guitar with a lot of leonard cohen feel vocals and Preston is working with all kinds of electronics and loops so combined this is the best of both of those worlds minus the vocals... I think.
The samples I heard from their forthcoming LP on Holy Mountain sounds like it fits right in with labelmates wooden shjips and the like...fuzzy feedbacked guitar loops, distortion....loud and unconventional.

From Trensmat records
The Shining Path is the 'rock band' version of minimalist duo Ilya Monosov and Preston Swirnoff. Like This Heat or Metabolist, The Shining Path are a Can/Faust-loving group that also exhales expansive psychedelic guitar excess with hints of Greg Ginn and the High Rise discography while tripping balls to a violent, throbbing, not-always-sosteady, Suicide-like rhythm. The 7" contains two raw, noisy, ecstatic live recordings from some of the very rare live shows The Shining Path played in San Diego in 2005. Both tracks are raw and relentless ... a taste of what can happen when punks get psychedelic. A blown out krautrock, wild noise space rock frenzy, some baffling mix of Can, Hawkwind, High Rise and Suicide - melting minds and destroying speakers.

Episode 15 - Unwound memories...I play the islands - flesh, Dnt take my wings away, Eat skull - dead families, no intelligence, and the blank-its - wait don't stop. I talk about what went wrong since the unicorns and generally sound like I have a cold. (29:30)

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