Monday, May 12, 2008

Grungecore Vol 1 - Nirvana covers

Breakcore just can't get past that messed up ultra hardcore rave nightmare for me. This must be somewhat of a novelty record, I couldn't find examples of these particular tracks anywhere the rest of what was out there was just breakneck layers of unbpm-able beats and changes punctuated by b-movie samples. I can't see how this could possibly be good. Good idea, but I would be shocked if I actually listened to this more than once. From FukdUp records with an unnavigatable website, I have no idea if we can expect more electronic throwups like this...

From Applecore mailorder in good ol brooklyn.

V/A "Grungecore Vol. 1" 7" (FukdUp Records) Yay! A new weirdo electronic label in the U.S.! Comin' out of Seattle these folks decided to have breakcore peoples remix grunge tunes. The first sees Shitmat and Ladyscraper remix Nirvana tunes, "Negative Creep" and "Senseless Apprentice" respectively. Shitmat gives us a nice dirty gabber version of the early track while Ladyscraper mixes the original's drums nicely with a fuzzed throb and a friend's singing. A nice collector's piece with hand-sewn flannel sleeves, a SubPop logo pisstake and limited to 500. Dope.

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