Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Titmachine response

I received this response to my review of the titmachine 7" from the band themselves:

we read your review and took it as a compliment that someone laid back and wrote a review about his boredom and furyness after listening to our songs.

If the Sex Pistols (who doesn't know them) are the only reference you could name, I wish you much fun by exploring the colourful scene of punk, as it meant to be...away from the traditional roads and with a good sense of humor.

with greetings from the Netherlands and a good laugh (that's what we did after the reading of your story),
all the best in Brooklyn,


the T'S.

Even bringing the Sex Pistols into the conversation was ridiculous and I sound like a jackass... of course I'm aware of a much larger scene of 'punk' then just the most obvious co-opted manufactured punk band ever. I'm all for experimentation and pushing whatever limits are set on things by whatever direction music is taking currently.
I think my problem is this honestly sounds like a horrible jam, just a mess of noise, unrelated to each other in any way, and why should I care? What compelled them to press this on vinyl, well ok that's obvious, but what honestly do they think they are adding to anything? It's fun to be terrible, to act like you don't care, but I don't even think that is happening honestly and definitely not in a compelling way. I don't think you have to be doing something new all the time, but at least do it with honesty. How can I hear that? I don't know, something about this made me make the obvious comparison to a band that was the poster child for consumerism and insincerity. Please....I want to be wrong...and who does this hurt? Press more seven inches of all kinds, I don't want to hate, I Iove vinyl, they do to so ...what the fuck.
It's reminding me of Prinzhorn Dance School right now, and maybe these myspace messes aren't at all what's on the seven inch that I haven't even heard.

There you go, take it or leave it, but god dammit I have a sense of humor.

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