Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Harvey Milk on Troubleman Unlimited

Harvey Milk was one of those kind of amazing stories... when Chunklet re-released that 'Courtesy and Goodwill Towards Men' double LP, I knew nothing about them but thanks to the Dead Kennedys or more like Jello Biafra, I did know the story of the real guy elected in San Francisco and his assassination. I just love how it all gets informed by music somehow...really as wrong as it is, those spoken word albums from Jello were my political education in high school, if nothing else he made me feel like there was more out there another was kind of subversive, at least you think 'ok there's other ideas out there about politics' because honestly it's really hard to give a shit sometimes.
So he was part of that phase and I remember him talking about Harvey Milk and the people in power at the time and the twinkie defense. My friend Matt went to hear him talk in CT somewhere and made me a bootleg.
So Harvey Milk appeared out of nowhere in Athens, GA, playing entire cover shows of Hank Williams songs, and touring with Shellac. It's just great metal influenced, hard rock, borderline experimental at times, a capella's all over the place. The 'Courtesy...' album is so challenging and weird and I really don't know what to expect next. Like A Minor Forest, they live with rock, really distorted guitar composed rock but I've never heard anything like it. Super good...even the song titles are way before their time.
My friend who is into nothing but Burial Chamber Trio and Boris could even appreciate them.
They bring weirdos together with loud weird very off rock. It will take years to decode. Very very important work that like Slint will be referenced forever.

Only like $5 from Troubleman, but do yourself a favor and get the full length double LP of their self titled stuff as well.

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