Monday, June 16, 2008

Naked on the Vague - Poltergeist Palm + Mayyors repress

I have to go get that full length 'Blood Pressure Sessions', after investigating Naked on the Vague, after I find this single of course. But I saw that LP somewhere last weekend and now it's haunting me that I didn't get it. It's still out there, but I like instantly picking things up sometimes.

Speaking of haunting or ghost-punk, their myspace tracks have the feeling of something like Animal Collective's Campfire Songs or anything from Pocahaunted, it's crazy ideas coming together one night, dark stuff for sure, the kind of thing that actually might scare you a little with the lights out.
But at the same time it isn't so experimental that it's alienating...just for the sake of something new, but completely unlistenable. It's the perfect kind of new music, the references are few and far between, but you don't know exactly what they could have been listening to or thinking about to get here. It's not so much about the noise but how it's working together in an almost traditional pop way.
It's really one of those projects that's out there on it's own, and is grouped right or wrong with a lot of these other equally interesting things.... Times New Viking, Eat Skull, Robedoor....not not fun anything. You get the idea.

From Fusetron.
naked on the vague- poltergeist palm 7"

$5.50 ppd usa
$8.50 ppd world

Australian duo conjure doom and gloom over a staccato rhythm box. A-side has a melodic nod to the darker tropics, while the flip supplies some saturated psychedelic party favors. Take a voyage south through a cold, but humid landscape.

*******Mayyors repress!********
MAYYORS NW repress of "Marines Dot Com LP" 7 inch available!
Mayyors repressed 100 extra copies of their out-of-print debut single, this time cover-less and on clear vinyl, for their 3 recent shows in the Pacific NW. We've got a small handful of leftovers for the first people to order it, $5 ppd to the U.S. (overseas orders email for shipping costs) - email ahead of time to reserve one.
mtstmtn( at )

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  1. NOTV rule - The lp is a must have.. and I just recently found the 7" online.