Friday, June 13, 2008

Black keys - I got mine

Not to be confused with the Black Lips who I feel like I keep confusing with these guys, the Black Keys are two guys rocking out drums and guitar. It sounds liek there is some chorus and keyboards involved in the post production somewhere as well. I don't know their progression as a band, but maybe the strcit guitar drums combo has been completely explored in their world.
I love when they go all out with the echo and room sounding huge drums, there's so much for a really confident interesting point of view band to do with that.

It still seems like anyone starting out anywhere should get a guitar and his friend should play drums and depending on where they're coming from it would be infinitey better than tons of crap out there.

It's probably just import only according to the Keys message boardsplaces like HMV Uk. Oh record companies, when will you learn?

Originally seen at road recs:
Black keys-I got mine-Brand new single taken from their most recent album attack and release. The flip side features a live recording of here i am i always am which was originally written by captain beefheart. June 2008-7"-V2

On another note, saw Love is All at the cakeshop last night and they were amazing, the new album is going to be great, I RSVP'd and got there a little late and was turned away but randomly let in a little while later, luckily....two bands later love is all completely turned the cakeshop into a jumping mess. I am back into that first album, listening like crazy, they are amazing and I'm going to see them at bowery also.
The Markey hotel might be overdoing it, but I wouldn't put it past myself. They captured a lot of this live feel on the recorded release, but it all just gets so much better hearing it live.
By the way, how does sweden with a population the size of Brooklyn, or less actually, come up with these bands and directors?
It's not normal.

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