Friday, July 18, 2008

David Jackman - Machine Guns

This is exactly what it says it is, two sides made up entirely of machine gun sounds from the Imperial War Museum sound archives. It's pretty much just loops of shooting. It gets a little hyptnotizing and weird. There's a ton of layers of this percussion pop booming shots...I like the concept but it's one of those things where the end result isn't that interesting. It get's repetitive and before it can really get interesting, it's a seven inch so it's over.
I mean it's great as a novelty kind of thing/experimental composition, but as a permanent 7" artifact, I don't know how many times I would throw this on.

Kind of inspiring though and makes me want to release the field recordings I made of people at parties telling their best puke story.

You can also go download a crapload of David Jackman 7"'s from the Sickness Abounds Blog....including this single. Or you could go buy it from forced exposure:
01. Machine Gun (2:30)
02. Machine Gun (2:13)

Title: Machine Guns

Format: 7"

Label: Die Stadt

Country: Germany
Price: $14.00 "Two new tracks using the archive recordings of the Imperial War Museum in London as a sound source. Again, these recordings mark another departure from his previous work and are bound to leave some people confused. Edition of 400 copies." -Die Stadt

By the way, the Jay Reatard - Deerhunter split from Matador is still available from Goner records...

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