Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cat Party on Rich Bitch records

When you've had enough of the shitgaze, give this a shot, it's nicely produced but definitely has a little of that edge. It's clear.... which is a nice change to my ears and I keep getting these couple of tracks in my head. I'm really liking it, but it didn't hit me right away, it's grown on me the past couple days. It's kind of reminding me of Jesus and Mary Chain vocally...there's something classic indie rock about this sound, like the pixies or something, but dark...more like Joy Division. I hate to use these huge comparisons but it's really accessible like that stuff but still sounding ominous.... It could practically be something from the Crow soundtrack.

'Jigsaw thoughts', is standard power chords, musically it's not reinventing a genre or anything and it's the vocals that really keep me coming back to this, it's a little echoed and half sung, he's not too 'I don't give a fuck''s just the right amount of aloofness. 'Entitled' is another great straightforward track, no weird tricks or effects, just kind of depressing and definitely classic....oh I sisters of's taking me back for sure on Rich Bitch Records.

Two good solid tracks from this awesomely named band. I'm going to also check out this split with Cut City, I think this mention is from Norman recs:

Really impressed with this split 7" by Cat Party & Cut City. I can't stop playing it. 'The Aftertaste' by CP has that chiming new wave guitar, nonchalant vocals & spunky bass with some cracking chord changes that sounds like a lost 80s classic. The only band I can think of that sounded a bit like that were maybe Fischer Z but that's really stretching my memory back. Cut City's 'Replacement' is another anthemic new wave-esque number that sounds a little bit Psychedelic Furs. Dense and catchy with a scratchy, feral feel & a foreboding vocal that bursts into a gliding bird in the euphoric chorus bits. It makes me think of Flock of Seagulls crossed with Interpol and just doesn't last anywhere near long enough. One of those obscure beaut's that no-one else will have heard of and you'll treasure for the rest of your days. On Monotonstudio from Deutschland.

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