Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Great pop supplement - 2 more new ones!

MV+EE I have to say, I just can't give them another chance after seeing how terrible they were live, but I did listen to Jerusalem.... today and they have a nice huge sound, complete with tape starting and stopping hiss and clicks, all the while keeping a psyche sound like the shjips or JAMC going. Dense sounding and huge percussion...the drums are underwater in a huge cavern far far away , I didn't think myspace could duplicate that sound. Swirling organs and feedback, I can't really tell if there are vocals or not at times they have so many effects they ust blend in. It seems to vary with tracks with more upfront vocals that sound alright...I like the more opaque stuff, but both of these will be keepers from the Supplement, and maybe you can ebay the MV+EE one to some sucker, or it will be so awesomely packaged you just won't even care....or MV+EE actually sounds good when they have time to rehearse and record....let's hope so.
(That pic of the split color 45 is from a few releases back....it's just an example of their high quality work.)

gps33 mv+ee "the best it ever was" 45
another winner from matt and erika with 'the golden road', chunky double bass led, summer psych slow burner in cool linen card sleeves, limited to 500 and the second of this year's 2 x mv+ee GPS 45s, the first came and went in 72 hours!

gps34 jerusalem and the starbaskets / bengal traitors split 45
urgent split 45 on clear vinyl in gorgeous op-art acetate sheet sleeves. JATS offer up the mighty "everybody's dig accounted for" (check out the video on youtube!) while the bengal traitors is a part time project for james and jessica toth (wooden wand etc). a psych monster, with label art and op-art sleeve to match...!

cost on these is as follows:-
£4.29 each (vinyl pressing plant price increase :-( ) OR the pair for £10 including post in the UK. £11.50 post included for the pair into europe £12.00 post included for the pair elsewhere. AS USUAL PAYPAL IS BEST PLEASE on this email address is fine thanks...

thegreatpopsupplement [at] hotmail.com

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