Monday, July 7, 2008

Robs House 2 new ones!

I listened to a lot of the black keys over the holiday seemed to be on a couple communal ipods and I was getting into it, at times it sounded like jimi hendrix..even vocally, I was convinced it was some lost tracks or import thing. They have that classic, blues/rock sound's turned into their own thing for sure.
Robs house sent an email about these two seven inches coming down the Atlanta Blues/rock conveyor belt...the first Jack of Heart even toured with the Lips and they are very much garage, live act, there's dirty jangly guitar solos for lovers....they keep mentioning 'your girlfriend' after all their myspace influences and as their quote, so watch it because apparently your girlfriend is really going to like them.

Lover!, is an ex-reatard, and just played at the cakeshop on July 4th????!!!!! Awwww fuck. Anyway, I'm excited because I like this a lot...the riff here reminds me of Foreigner and the Stones, it's big and raw sounding, but still has a homemade awesome feel to it, like something you just found buried at the salvation army. There's a reason he played with Jay and this solo stuff is well along those lines and equally as punishing.

Get them both.

rhr038 Jack of Heart - San Francisco 7" (b/w Ponytail)
Departing completely from the static-soaked, overdriven throb prerogative of their previous bands, Jack Of Heart is a new conglomeration of Piero from the Fatals and Demon's Claws, and Benji from the Creteens. Their sound takes off down the tender side of the switchblade, and erupts with such an unassuming immediacy that it's tough to pinpoint the first time it slithers through your head. With a decidedly less noisy sentiment in place, Jack Of Heart combine echoed and chilling guitars that form those little icy patches that cause you to slip, and fall in love. [todd killings] [500 pressed; black vinyl]

rhr039 Lover! - Man In The Woods 7" (b/w Foxhole Madness)
Rich Crook has already blazed a frightfully righteous pop pathway with Lover!, showcasing the hidden songwriting talents he kept to himself with such notable bands as the Reatards, Lost Sounds, and Viva L'American Death Ray. Once his songs reached the surface in The Knaughty Knights, it was apparent that Crook needed his own vehicle to spread his pop sense to the outer limits of the rock'n roll underworld. [todd killings] [500 pressed; black vinyl]

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and if there's any other releases your interested in now's the time to get em. i'm moving in a month and trying to clear out as many records as possible in the meantime.

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