Friday, July 25, 2008

kit + mirror/dash split - Podcast is back!

I was wondering if this is the same Kit from the buddy series split with Deerhoof....and it is. I don't remember that side too much....this is female fronted, very deerhoof related, or even Be Your Own Pet, but wayyyy dirtier...something like Abe vigoda, with the attitude of BYOP. I've been bored with them lately, the songs were great for a minute but I don't know if they had any kind of longevity....but then again it was fun while it lasted.
Kit reminds me of erase eratta....erratic stutter punk.

Now the split is with Mirror/Dash who go by another name... Thurston and Kim from Sonic Youth...I got this from lastfm...
In an interview, Moore said: “Kim and I have been doing Mirror/Dash for a long time. It came about because I have a record label I run from my bedroom called Ecstatic Peace, which I advertised in a magazine in the late ’80s. There were a bunch of fake band names on the ad, one of which was Mirror/Dash, so the next thing I had to do was release records under these names to make the bands real.

Mirror/dash is a lot of Thurston Sonics and Kim singing, minimal and primitive, who could have guessed....

Limited edition with artwork by Kim Gordon.
Paypal $5 ($9 overseas) to: N_F_J_M [at]

or the ZUM online store.

KIT / MIRROR DASH-split 7” (Nothing Fancy Just Music/NFJM022V) $8.99
“A beautiful new split by KIT and MIRROR/DASH, a pairing of two different underground noise generations. Just as vital as they are obscure, both bands push buttons as ways of opening most of the envelopes that have and will stay sealed. The Bay Area's Kit breaks away from the pop of Broken Voyage and into a more dangerous, but equally exciting, "damaged" terrain. Three unreleased songs by that are as invigorating as they are confusing. "Blues for Proposition Joe" stands strong as one of the best Mirror/Dash tunes, a long time collaboration of THURSTON MOORE and KIM GORDON. The energy is similar to that of a vacuum melodically played and then screwed. Limited edition (500 copies) with artwork by Kim Gordon.”

The podcast is finally back! Episode 16... and I'm busy lining up new guests, like Mr Matthew Nash editor of Big Red and Shiny who gave his unabashed reviews/insight to the Vivian Girls single on woodsist and No Age - eraser on subpop.

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